Stop working for your money. Make your money work for you!
Passive Investing Made Simple. 8% - 10% Returns
I want to educate you on how to become the bank. For years banks have been selling whole notes to each other and collecting the interest. Now YOU can too!!! We are a private lender looking for investors wanting purchase notes that are paying 8% - 10% average yield.
  • Learn from a direct business purpose lender with $100M in investments.
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"HIS Capital is true to its core values!"
My name is David Cole and I am nationally recognized retirement plan consultant and professional educator. During the last fifteen years of working with real estate investors I find a common challenge that almost everyone voices: Where can I find genuine investment opportunities from reliable sources? I have no reservations whatsoever in recommending HIS Capital Group. The company remains true to its core values; treating each investor with respect, providing full disclosure and remaining 100% transparent so the investor as well as referral partners are always up to date on the progress of each project. You must become a good steward of your own money. This means taking back control of both your money and your investment choices. I have no doubt that after you explore all that HIS Capital Group has available and their blue ribbon standard of doing business that you will be pleased to add their products to your portfolio.
David Cole

How it Works
  • Step 1: Project Sourcing – Our exclusive book of business consists of qualified borrowers in active markets.
  •  Step 2: Due-Diligence – 100+ years of combined real estate expertise vetting viable projects to acquire and finance.
  • Step 3: Funding & Servicing – In-house underwriting/funding, with third party servicing for automation and transparency.
  •  Step 4: Whole Loan Purchase – Buy performing, stabilized loans offering 8-10% yields.
  •  Step 5: Investment Management – Leverage our expertise and streamlined platform for effortless turn-key performance.
  •  Step 6: Payoff – Enjoy aggressive short- term yields to mitigate risk.
  •  Step 7: Re-deployment – Choose to cash out or continue earning secured, predictable returns with us.
As an investment firm one of our specialties is Private Lending. Private Lending and Mortgage note opportunities provide sound portfolio diversification. Even if the stock market fluctuates or if interest rates change, returns can be locked in and provide very safe monthly income.
  • Predictable Returns Secured by Real Estate Assets
  •  Whole Loans Yielding 8-10% Annually
  •  Transparent Reporting via Our Online Cloud Platform
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